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Marketing Consultanty Midhurst


Our Services

Greenleaf provides marketing services and web design to small businesses and start-ups. We provide both online and traditional offline marketing services. Combining rich experience and a passion to see small businesses grow and flourish, we are just like having an in-house marketing team, without the overheads. For businesses or those without a defined marketing plan, we can help build a robust strategy to get the most from any marketing spend. From negotiating best prices for media placements through to keeping your business up to speed with search engine optimisation or new media developments.

We provide you with tools which are useful - from websites which you can update yourself to IT solutions integrated into your site which help you manage your business more effectively. Most importantly everything we do is measurable, meaning that you can see the impact that each piece of communication has on your business.

How it works

For those who don't already have a marketing plan in place, we begin by looking at your business as a whole, from who your customers are to how you currently communicate with them. We analyse the marketplace, your competition, and identify and propose a plan to suit your budget. For those who already have a clear vision of where they would like to take their marketing, we can recommend the best approaches and an execution plan. We work on either a retainer basis (daily or hourly rate), or project basis.


Devising a clear marketing strategy will help you stay focussed in the way you promote your business. Understanding who your customers are and...

Web Design

We design, develop and host websites for a variety of clients, from high street retailers requiring fully functional e-commerce sites to...

Content Development

Good quality content is an effective way of marketing your business. Creating and sharing relevant material such as video, blogs and social media...

Digital & Social

Digital marketing has overtaken traditional marketing channels for some time, largely because the internet allows businesses to interact directly with their target audience...

Influencer Marketing & PR

Influencer marketing may be seen as today's buzz phrase, but it is the one strategy that for many is managing to cut through the noise...

Search Engine Optimisation

The best way to get your website found by search engines is organically. Good construction, the inclusions of quality, regularly updated...


Individual Solutions

Each project is different, which is why we don't offer off the shelf solutions with a menu of prices. We work on a time and materials basis and would be happy to discuss your project and provide you with a quote.